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Artist Spotlight Podcast Series

Dec 21, 2022

Beth Riley chats with Deven Berryhill of The Surfaris and The Tourmaliners on this episode of Artist Spotlight Podcast Series. They talk about Deven growing up with his Dad, Bob Berryhill of the legendary surf band The Surfaris, playing music with his Dad, Mom and brother, as well as his own kids and how music has been passed down to them too! Also, there is talk of The Tourmaliners brand new album "Surfidia" released on December 20, 2022! Several cool guest artists on there including a Riley household favorite: Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets! More topics discussed include the influence of Bono from U2, desert island discs, influences, members of The Tourmaliners and how they met, how he feels to be a part of The Surfaris with his Dad and maybe he'll answer the difficult question that Beth asked him: The Surfaris or The Tourmaliners....which is the better band? Spoiler alert: he doesn't really say one is better than the other, but, he does talk about how they are different. All that and so much more in this fun episode. Grab your surfboard and don't "Wipe Out"....we're gonna get a little "Swanky"!