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Artist Spotlight Podcast Series

Jun 28, 2023

Beth Riley chats with Todd Bradley on this episode of the Artist Spotlight Podcast Series. Join the conversation as they chat about Todd's beginning stages of music, his short time at Berklee College of Music, bands he has been in including Delroy Rebop, Indirect Object, The Essentials, The Salamanders and of course, his current band: The Hi-Risers. They also talk about his friends and bandmates (both past and current) including: Jason Smay, Greg Townson, Trevor Lake, Eddie Angel, Jim Symonds and others. The Bossa Nova Bradley Brothers (that Todd does with his brothers Mark and Scott) is talked about too... including upcoming shows for them. Todd speaks highly of his wife of nearly 3 decades and their 2 wonderful kids and he also speaks highly of Lou Whitney and D.Clinton Thompson of The Skeletons/The well as the owners of Hi-Tide Recordings: Vincent and Magdalena Minervino. We didn't forget about the famous desert island disc question either....find out which albums Todd picked! All that and so much more!